Athens Boy Scout house receives grant funding facilitated by Senator Orr

Orr files bill to provide access for farmers irrigation efforts

Orr supported causeway project between Limestone and Morgan counties completed

Orr honors retiring Athens State Professor Jess Brown with Senate Joint Resolution

Senator Orr and other legislators establish Athens State University scholarship in memory of late Representative Dan Williams

Constitutionally mandated pay raise for legislators refused by Senator Orr because no COLA for state employees "Lead by example"

Senator Orr thanks veterans for service at Veterans' Day parade in Hartselle

Orr supported by many in U.S. Senate seat appointment

Senator Orr looking into explosion of free and reduced lunch eligibility

Alabama Bar Magazine praises Senator Orr for diligence in passage of Judicial Retirement reform legislation

Senator Orr expresses hope that new President will allow radical changes to Medicaid program

Calhoun Community College President credits Senator Orr with significant support for new auto tech facility

Bike path grant secured by Senator Orr for long needed underpass in Decatur

Apprentice Bill called a triple win by Senator Orr for employees, employers and state

Decatur Daily credits Senator Orr with significant positive influence in region for last decade

At City Council meeting Senator Orr expresses frustration with corporation incentives necessitated by competition

Senator Orr expresses concerns about Medicaid health delivery system. Delays million dollar contract.

Senator Orr discusses importance of African American history at landmark unveiling

Hartselle Police Department officers presented State resolution for valor by Senator Orr

Falkville Public Library receives grant funding from Senator Orr

Senator Orr passes plan to fully fund Medicaid for years

Senator Orr secures historic marker for Historic Old Town

Support growing for Senator Orr's payday lending reform bill

Senator Orr's dream of additional downtown theater coming true

Tuscaloosa News endorses Senator Orr's anti-dark money bill

Senator Orr secures funding for band instruments for Decatur public school students

Former Secretary of State praises Senator Orr's bill promoting civics education for students

Senator Orr participates in 2016 Spirit of America Award presentations

Senator Orr and Morgan County Delegation grant builds new locker rooms at Jack Allen Park

Senator Orr and others come together for Jesse Owens Parkway signage funding

Senator Orr and EDA secure incentives for large industrial expansion project

Bill co-sponsored by Senator Orr to ban defamation on internet passes on last day of Legislative Session

Senator Orr's grant help start construction of Point Mallard Indian Heritage Trail System

Senator Orr's bill banning boycotts and divestments of partner countries signed by governor

Senator Orr continues to question RSA fiscal soundness despite strong push back

Senator Orr's bill banning boycotts and divestments of partner countries signed by governor

Senator Orr opens Special Needs playground with Governor Bentley and Coach Stallings

The Gadsden Times praises Senator Orr's Kratom ban bill

Senator Orr plans to refile payday lending reform bill in 2017

Senator Orr thanks people of Hartselle at Special Needs playground dedication

Senator Orr secures grant for Cherokee Trail of Tears trail signage

Senator Orr helps pass anti-defamation bill on last day of Legislative Session

Senator Orr looks at higher education funding models with Joint Budget Committee

Senator and Mrs. Orr at the Hartselle's Burleson Fine Arts Center Dinner

Decatur Daily voices support for Orr's dark money bill

Orr files consumer protection bill to require notification of consumers when store data is compromised

House passes Orr's apprenticeship bill to train more workers

Tuscaloosa News writes in support of Orr's dark money bill

Decatur Daily voices disappointment in failure of payday lending bill to get House vote

Democrat Senator kills Orr's dark money legislation

Orr amends bill to allow state owned hotels, golf courses and restaurants to be privately operated

Tuscaloosa News voices support for Orr's legislation to require transparency for dark money groups

Governor signs Senator Orr's bill to prevent financial abuse of Senior Citizens and others

Governor signs Senator Orr's bill to prevent financial abuse of Senior Citizens and others

Critics of dark money legislation want to shield campaign donors from public scrutiny

Senator Orr, Representative Shedd and others keep state surplus warehouse open in Eva

Decatur Daily lauds completion of Robotics Technology Park and thanks Senator Orr and others

Tuscaloosa News voices support for Orr's payday lending bill

Senator Orr advances Education budget helping principals and assistant principals receive increased pay

Senator Orr recounts history of successful Robotics Technology Park

Senator Orr mentioned as possible 2018 Governor candidate

Orr's dark money bill critics try to shield donors from public

Senator Orr fails at using BP settlement funds to pay down debt. South Alabama road projects win.

Senator Orr co-sponsors bill to undo exorbitant raises given by govenor

Senator Orr presents resolution to Brookhaven Middle School Principal for remarkable academic progress

Critics of dark money legislation want to shield campaign donors from public scrutiny

Decatur Daily writes of support for payday lending bill

Orr's payday lending bill passes Senate

Decatur Daily supports Orr's plan to pay off debts first with BP settlement funds

Senator Orr to receive Israel Leadership Award from deputy speaker of Israeli Knesset

Decatur Daily thanks Senator Orr and others for historic depot improvements

Decatur Depot reopens - beneficiary of grant Senator Orr secured for renovations

Senator Orr files dark money bill to require all contributors to campaigns to be identified

Senator Orr co-sponsors bill to undo exorbitant raises given by governor

Gadsden Times voices support of Senator Orr's payday loan bill

Senator Orr outraged at extravagant pay hikes given by governor to cabinet heads

Senator Orr works with Farmers Market Board to improve market

Senator Orr's payday loan bill debated on Senate floor

Orr's payday loan legislation delayed on Senate floor

Senator Orr thanks CEO of new Limestone County company

Officials united that Senator Orr sponsored Constitutional Amendment will save state millions by revamping Judicial Retirement System

Treasurer Young Boozer and others ask for support of Orr's constitutional amendment to overhaul judicial retirement system and save state money

Montgomery Advertiser supports Senator Orr's payday loan legislation

Senator Orr files anti Kratom bill

Orr's apprentice tax credit bill to train skilled workers passes Senate

Decatur Mayor credits Senator Orr for $400,000 Lee Street enhancement grant

Senator Orr files RICO bill to crack down on organized crime in Alabama

Senate committee OKs Orr's payday loan bill

Senator Orr's bill requires qualitative accounting of tax incentives given to businesses

Term limits legislation once again co-sponsored by Senator Orr

Senator Orr files bill to prevent government funds from being used to advocate in referendum votes

Senator Orr pushes Phase 3 for Alabama Center for the Arts

Senator Orr begins war on police jurisdictions with bill

Orr's bill to require testing for civics in schools passes Senate committee

Senator Orr files anti-police jurisdiction bill

2016 General Fund Budget outlined by Senator Orr

Senator Orr presents congratulatory Senate resolution to retiring Hartselle Chamber President

Morgan County Legislators and Senator Orr express frustration of continued agency spending patterns

Senator Orr continues battle with ALDOT over Beltline Road signals

Orr's bill puts state ethics commission in charge of campaign finance regulations

Senator Orr files bill to help gifted students

New Bicentennial tag unveiled by Senator Orr