Senator Orr secures review for National Register inclusion of local cemetery

Senator Orr thanked for securing Crane Festival grant - 2019 event largest yet

Senator Orr introduces statewide jail food bill

Decatur Daily supports Senator Orr's bill to protect citizen's property through changes to civil asset forfeiture law

Senator Orr pushes legislation to reduce number of illegal immigrant workers

Business Alabama supports privatization of ABC retail sales

Senator Orr tries to stop employment of illegal immigrants through e-verify

Senator Orr, as State Bicentennial Chairman, speaks to Morgan County Historical Society Annual Meeting

Senator Orr pushes payday lending reform in 2019 to cut maximum annual rate of 456%

Senator Orr continues efforts to reform oppressive payday loans

Teacher pay raise for FY2020 budget supported by Senator Orr

Senator Orr voices concerns over flood of asylum seekers being placed in certain communities and adverse impacts opinion writer supports Senator Orr's bill of getting state out of retail liquor business

Senator Orr continues attempt to get state out of retail liquor sales

Senator Orr pushes legislation for work/volunteer requirements to receive public benefits

Senator Orr joins in Eva ribbon cutting for new event center

Senator Orr to continue chairing Appropriations Committee for Alabama Senate

Senator Orr continues attempt to get state out of retail liquor sales

Alabama Sheriffs support legislation to change jail food law

Senator Orr presents AHSAA awards to Hartselle High School student athletes for sportsmanship

Senator Orr's bill to abolish Sheriffs from profiting on jail food surplus gains steam

Senator Orr presents high school awards for sportsmanship at Hartselle High School

Senator Orr, Chair of Cyber & Engineering School board, outlines school's site and president search

Senator Orr to revise successful apprentice legislation to increase scope

Anniston Star supports Senator Orr's bill to get Sheriff's from profiting on jail food funds